Quite recently we conducted a social experiment.

We asked everyone what career advice they would give themselves if they were starting fresh or reinventing themselves.

And we were quite amazed at the responses! They mostly said, ‘Build your own personal brand and invest in your skills.’ But what does this really mean?

It means that all of us have skills and talents that can provide value to others. Whether your passion is home care, sales, writing, teaching, or even writing code, there should be a way to turn these into a means of living under your own personal brand.

For example, meet Rafia. She is an expert in the field of real estate. She has her Near.Biz profile at near.biz/rafia and she offers anyone to book her time online. It’s fast, easy and simple. Rafia then earns from her skills and impacts her community positively, which makes her happier and more fulfilled. She relies on her skills and network, and builds herself to earn to her potential and learn incredible new things with the projects she does.

You can do the same.

In a world where independence is more achievable, opportunities more in reach, you could nurture your skills and build your own personal brand.

Claim your Near.Biz Profile today by signing up as a Pro.

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