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Order #57450

Wall Crack Repair (1 room)

Repairing wall cracks caused by regular settling of foundation in a single room, ensuring the structural integrity and appearance of your home.

Palo Alto CA



  • Prepare cracked walls by sanding and smoothing

  • Fill the cracks with epoxy putty or hydraulic cement

  • Sand and smooth the repaired area to match wall texture

  • Touch-up using customer approved primer and paint

Order #56943

Faucet Rebuild (1 ct)

Adjustment, cleaning, and tune-up of up to one sink faucets in bathrooms or kitchen to ensure optimal water flow and pressure.

Palo Alto CA

07/19/2024 8:27 PM


  • Disassemble faucet aerator, handles, and cartridges

  • Clean mineral buildup and other debris thoroughly.

  • Replace worn cartridges, aerators, or washers.

  • Reassemble faucet and test/demonstrate better water pressure

Order #56936

15 ft Curb Edge Refinishing

Refreshing and repairing the 15 ft length of curb edges for improved appearance and longevity.

East San Jose CA



  • Remove old concrete, asphalt, and debris

  • Prepare base with gravel, compacted soil etc.

  • Pour and smooth new concrete or asphalt to match.

  • Texturing, sealing, and cleaning to match

Order #56931

Leaf and Weed

Regular removal of leaves, debris, and weeds from lawns and landscaping areas to maintain a clean and attractive property.

Palo Alto CA



  • Remove leaves or debris from lawns, beds, and hardscapes

  • Weeding flowerbeds, gardens, and mulch areas

  • Edging of lawn and landscaping borders

  • Blow or sweep driveways, sidewalks, and patios

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