Our Vision – The Internet for Everyone

We have observed that too many employers get the shorter end of the stick when hiring for contract work. Too many do not hire because of the complexities in the system, the awkward negotiations, the lack of clarity in the deliverables, the uncertainty of estimations, and varied contracts that the professionals carry. And because of this, they take the risk of over extending their workforce and burning them out, and others who may not hire at all.

We have also observed too many professionals feel they could do more with their time. Too many are unable to apply all skills, talents, and hobbies in everyday life. Too many do not get the opportunity to challenge the limits of their professional skills. We have also observed that people who apply more of their talents not only earn more, they live happier lives, have more satisfied intellects, and with that also supercharge the world to find new cures, make it more safe, educate more, fix more, build more, and broadcast themselves more.

Near.Biz provides the workforce for the Internet for Everyone, where the Internet works around the clock to deliver you the service professional you need next, it does it efficiently, it does it privately, it does it securely, in a safe manner, and it helps both employers and professionals achieve more, with better quality, and faster.

Near.Biz is organized by entrepreneurs who have experienced working for the world’s best companies based out of San Francisco Bay Area. We use technology to solve contractual and operational challenges of the workforce by pre-packaging service professional’s services into consumable chucks, delivered efficiently, and by the right people.