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The Near.Biz User Experience

You are about to order a 4×4 service professional on Near.Biz, what can you expect?

  1. Find from a list of services you need. Choose from a list of pre-screened service professionals who are available. Know about the Pro by reading their posting, reading their reviews, and price.
  2. Book the service professional by adding the number of hours you want. The Pros who are available will have a badge saying ‘I’m available’. No need to wait for them to confirm or decline your trip.
  3. Pro starts within 4 hours from your request and will stay up to 4 hours at a time to complete the job. You can sit back and relax as work gets completed.
  4. Confirm the job time on the app or by using the order status form. All the billing is taken care of and you have nothing to worry about. No tips are expected.

All the service professionals on Near.Biz give a 4×4 guarantee for every service request. You only pay for the time worked on the job and you can order more hours or book another reservation.

Please continue to read how it works for the service pro.


The Near.Biz Pro Experience

You are a service professional and you have the Near.Biz app, a simple sign-up process, can do one or multiple Near.Biz tasks, what can you expect?

  1. You offer a fair price for your service on our system based on a 4×4 service model.
  2. Receive a 4×4 request from Near.Biz user where you need to start the work within 4 hours of the request and can stay up to 4 hours to complete the job.
  3. You are screened in the Near.Biz system based on background checks and past experience. If you have a public profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, you will get activated instantly and start accepting orders.
  4. You will remain professional at all times, and will defer any issues to near.biz if you cannot resolve them yourself.
  5. You will carry professional liability insurance necessary to conduct perform the work in the cities you accept service in.

How Pros Can Claim Their Listing

  1. Near.Biz technology will sometimes automatically generate pro listing and make it available in our site.
  2. In this case, all pros need to do is:
    1. Claim the listing to unlock the pro dashboard and get notifications on job orders.
    2. Submit documents to obtain Near.Biz Verified status.

Other 4×4 service model guidelines that are generally expected:

  1. Near.Biz provides technology to coordinate 4×4 service by providing booking, project tracking, and billing features. The Near.Biz Pro is responsible for the delivery of high quality 4×4 service to the Near.Biz user.
  2. Near.Biz Users expect the Pro to be focused only on the job requested and leave as soon as the job is complete. It is up to the Near.Biz customer to determine at any time for any reason to discontinue the job.
  3. Near.Biz Users expect the Pro to assess the work within 10 minutes and then can take a reasonable time to complete the job. If more time is needed than the booking, the Near.Biz user can request for another 4×4 for the same or different Pro at their choice.
  4. Near.Biz Pro’s earnings are guaranteed by Near.Biz and credited directly to the account. No tips requested or needed. Please see Payment and Cancellation page.

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