Trust and Safety

Near.Biz community is built on trust, respect and transparency. The following safety measures guarantee peace of mind for both the users and pros.

  1. Near.Biz Pro Pre-screening

    Our Near.Biz Pros are services professionals who have offerings in the market and want to expand their reach. Most pros are pre-screened by our on-boarding team with a combination of valid identification, social media information, ratings, experience, and a criminal background check. To book pros that are pre-screened, choose those with the Near.Biz verified seal. 

    Near.Biz Verified Seal

  1. Near.Biz User

    To book on our system the user is required to provide Contact Information, Billing Information, Service Address and a guaranteed form of payment in terms of Near.Biz Credits and/or Credit Card prior to placing the order. The Near.Biz user remain always in control of the project and can terminate the project on any project for any reason and also no reason.

  2. Insurance Coverage

    For Near.Biz verified pros only, we provide a $10,000 Dollar general liability insurance to the Near.Biz User’s insurance coverages. Our insurances coverage is limited to strictly in the scope and terms to the Near.Biz booking and is strictly secondary to all coverages provided by the service professional and the user. Near.Biz is a technology provider that connects users and professionals.

  1. Support

    Our email support hotline is open 24/7 for any concerns or problems before, after or during the job. Whether you are a Near.Biz User or a Pro, we are always ready to help find solutions and give you the best experience. The email support is only for non-emergency situations. In case of an emergency please call 911 or your area’s emergency numbers.

  1. Payment

    All payments are processed through our secure systems, project is tracked through our system using the pro’s app. Users pay to book the service, while the Near.Biz Service pros get payment credited after job is completed. Service Professionals can request their earnings using Pro Earnings Request form or logging in to the web site.

  1. Reviews

    Your feedback is a gift for the Near.Biz Pro and the community. We want your help with differentiating pros to make an impact.

  1. Near.Biz will always be good corporate citizens and will always cooperate with law enforcement within the legal framework of the cities we operate our service in.

All of these are taken care of by our team. You can just sit back, relax and get the job done.