Frequently Asked Questions

Watch this video to learn about the most popular FAQs.


  1. Why 4 hour packages? Why not 5 hours?

    Our inspiration of 4 hours comes from operating work shifts in efficient workplace settings. Our research suggests that service professional’s attention span and creativity is maximum in 4 hour increments.

  2. How can Near.Biz offer best prices?

    Near.Biz team aspires to provide you with the best hourly prices for the service professional. We do this by offering the service professional a desired flexibility in scheduling. In return for that flexibility, the service professional offers their best prices. Further by by pre-screening, efficient transaction mechanism, and pre-disclosure as much as possible, we offer a way to contain your total costs.

  3. What will happen if an unforeseen emergency causes me to cancel my job request?

    We follow transparent and fair payment and cancellation policies that you can read about here. As a rule of thumb, the cancellation penalty depends on the time of cancellation from booking to the job.

  4. I’d like to buy the hours for a Near.Biz Pro for the whole month? Can I do that? **

    Yes. Our 4×4 formula fully accepts jobs that are longer than 4 hours. The recommendation from the Near.Biz team to service professionals is that they update the job status every 4 hours. This is to report progress and for the best customer satisfaction. The upper limit per order is 200 hours per professional per month.

  5. Is Near.Biz available for companies?

    Yes. Please contact our sales team for more information.

  6. I already have a cleaner and gardener that I’m satisfied with, why would I use

    Near.Biz is a specific service models that we believe apply to a lot of cases. Please see How it Works for more information.

  7. I need to do a marketing campaign for my company, are service professionals good for that?

    Near.Biz will find you nearby business professionals on a short notice. We’re set up to help with your surge staffing needs. Please book a professionals on and put a link on your site also.

  8. My computer needs to be upgraded, which professional can help?

    Near.Biz is inspired by the problems of virtual work delivery for a large percentage of population (juniors, non-IT professionals, seniors etc.). Please book a professional on

  9. How is my physical property protected when I use to hire service professionals? **

    Near.Biz pre-screens professionals who are on our site as a comfort for our users, the screening criteria is listed in each professional’s profile. However, please take the same precautions you would normally take with your physical property when an outsider visits your home.

  10. How is my intellectual property protected when I use to hire service professionals? **

    Near.Biz Service professionals understand that they produce work on a “Work for hire” basis and as the work is produced, it becomes the sole property of the user. If you need the service professional to sign an NDA, please present it prior to commencing work.

  11. I want to offer my services on Near.Biz. How much can I expect to earn per hour? guarantees competitive compensation based on the kind of services you perform. For most categories, the earnings per hour starts at $35 and goes up from there.

  12. Can I tip the pros after they have completed the job request?

    The system does not include tips in billing. Tipping is completely voluntary and discouraged. We want to keep the cashless experience in our system.

  13. How are ratings for both users and pros calculated?

    After each completed job request, there will be a rating request for both users and pros. The aggregate average of each score received at every point is your current rating, whether user or pro. The best way to maintain high ratings is to provide high quality service and strong communication throughout the job process.

  14. After I booked a pro, when will I be charged on my card? **

    Once a you book a job request, we will only hold your card for authorization. You card will be charged only when the job is completed.

  15. What happens when the job is completed and I am not satisfied with the quality of service I received from the pro? What if there are disagreements between user and pro? **

    Our team at will do anything to make sure you are satisfied with the experience on our system. If for an unfortunate reason you have questions on quality, send us a note here with relevant information and pictures. Our team will be the final arbitrators of any conflict.

  16. I am a Service Professional and I want to earn more, should I join Near.Biz **

    Join Near.Biz, which is an efficient and flexible system for service professionals who want to earn more by applying more of their talents. Offer your services on Near.Biz to enjoy the flexibility the ability to show up with enough notice.

  17. I’m running a software startup, why should I hire Service Professionals on Near.Biz?

    Near.Biz is built by entrepreneurs, each member of our leadership has experienced a startup. One key learning from our experiences that we’re delivering with Near.Biz is to control wasted time, deliver increased productivity, another key ability you will have with Near.Biz is the reduction of your startup’s turning radius. Please check back, we will write posts on this subject.

  18. I am a property manager and I already have my crew, why should I use Near.Biz?

    Near.Biz’s 4×4 service package is designed for property managers. It offers you an expected timeline of service, bills for the time, streamlines your payment mechanism, and you will have more choice and early resolution of your tasks.

  19. I have a subscription on angielist, why should i use Near.Biz?

    Near.Biz does not charge a subscription. Near.Biz helps you with expectation of service with our 4×4 system. Its streamlines your payment mechanism, and you may be able to have more choice and early resolution of your tasks.

  20. I use craigslist why should I use Near.Biz?

    Near.Biz helps you with expectation of service with our 4×4 system. Its streamlines your payment mechanism, and you may be able to have more choice and early resolution of your tasks.