“We are a 4×4 service model for service professionals that is changing the way our customers shop for services.”

Founded in Palo Alto California in 2016, Near.Biz delivers a new service professional experience to our customers simply by presenting a service professional as prepackaged. No haggling. No negotiations. No tipping.

What services do we offer?

How does this help our customers?

Imagine you have a one-time job that needs to be done? Now Imagine you have a on-off job? Now Imagine you have a everyday job that you need help with?

Today you will spend time searching around, interviewing, hiring, and then erroring 50% of the time and spending more than you need to 100% of the time. The pro interviews, estimates, starts, re-estimates, cuts corners and finishes. And then it’s time to pay….you get the pain?

With Near.Biz you will go straight into a pre-organized list of pre-screened service professionals who charge a fair price and deliver a packaged 4×4 service. You pay only for the time the Pro worked and you can order multiple 4×4 for longer jobs.

In short, 4×4 is “Call a Pro, he or she will get there in 4 hours and can stay up to 4 hours.”

Sounds too simple? Achieving this sums up why we are in business. We are here to continue our research in simplifying the service professional experience for our customers using prepackaged and delivered service packages.

Read more in the ‘How it Works’ page.

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