“We want to be the one stop shop for service professional of all kinds, changing the way our customers shop for services. We offer the best service at fair prices.”

Founded in Palo Alto California in 2016, Near.Biz wants to revolutionize the service industry – and simply put – make the experience of ordering a service as seamless and convenient as possible. No complications, no explanations, no long back and forth.


We are all familiar with the pain and inconvenience of searching for the right person to do an everyday job. Ironically, most of the time in this task is spent explaining the job description, negotiating the rates, answering questions. Isn’t there a more convenient way to get this done?

Today, with hundreds of millions of products are sold seamlessly online, Near.Biz wants to change the way we purchase services – making the process similar to buying a product. In short, we want to be the Amazon for services.


It’s a conundrum that while it is so hard to find the right service, so many people are out there willing and able to offer different kinds of jobs. Is there something wrong with the current market options and its ability to match supply and demand?

At Near.Biz, the difference is that we don’t see these “pros” offering services as “supply”… We see them as multi-faceted people. People who are not just ‘drivers’ or ‘task-ers’, people who have multiple skills and talents. With us, a tutor can become a driver, a real estate project manager – all in one platform.


The business solution of Near.Biz can be summed up in one equation (and it’s all you need to remember) – 4 x 4.

In short, 4 x 4 means “Call a pro, he will get there in 4 hours and can stay up to 4 hours. Standard rate of $40 per hour.” Easy enough? Read more of this in detail in the ‘How it Works’ page.


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