See what gets us out of bed in the morning. See what inspires to create the Internet for Everyone. See what continuously drives us to power

Samir Shaikh, Founder and Head of Product

A technology investor, engineer and real estate entrepreneur, Samir holds many hats. What drives him to power through his multiple roles is his founding vision to create the Internet for Everyone. Samir envisions an Internet that works around the clock to deliver service professionals – doing so efficiently, privately, securely, in a safe manner. This system helps both employers and professionals achieve more, with better quality, and faster. After all, isn’t it about time the internet works to solve real human struggles?

Rafia Shaikh, Head of Customer Success

As a real estate entrepreneur based in California, Rafia has experienced first-hand the problems and struggles she believes can solve. While leading her property management business, she saw many practices in the business that must change – hidden charges, upfront costs, fluctuating prices of contractors. She believes in building a system that can foster trust, build transparency and maximize operational efficiency among all kinds of jobs and gigs.

Carla Sia, Head of Marketing

As an entrepreneur and marketing professional, Carla believes in a system that empowers workers to achieve an independent brand for themselves. She believes that the job market is changing – the conventional wisdom of finding 9 to 5 jobs is quickly becoming a thing of the past. More and more people can find higher satisfaction and fulfillment in engaging in projects they believe in. She believes that only can provide the secure, efficient and transparent infrastructure to make new work environment prosper.

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