INTERNAL: Signup a new pro

To sign up a user do the following:

  1. Go to Near.Biz Dashboard -> Products
  2. Duplicate Product John Doe (chose the John Doe in the category of user)
  3. Replace “John Doe Driver (Copy)” in Product name field to the pro’s name or the listing’s title
  4. Ensure the standard description is in the product description – do not change the text. For marketing the service pro, you can add more text to it, but get it reviewed by a team mate.
  5. Update 4×4 variation price.
  6. Note the category is selected. Please click the right category.
  7. Note that 200 hours are set for each user.
  8. Add the internal fields Email Address, Phone, Mailing Address as much as is available
  9. Pager email is determined by the mobile number. Use to get it.


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